• Men's On the Go Shampoo
  • Men's On the Go Shampoo
  • Men's On the Go Shampoo

Men's On the Go Shampoo


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How convenient! The Shampoo Puck, a super-concentrated, premium formulated, solid bar of shampoo that smells better and lathers bigger than the rest.

Weighing in at 4.5 oz., they're built to outlast multiple bottles of that liquid stuff without leaving any plastic residue behind. Packed full of essential oils, naturally derived fragrances, and big, bold lather. 

Naturally derived fragrance: fresh citrus, neroli, and oakmoss

Up to 175 washes!

How It Works:

  • Get it a little wet
  • Use the hands to work up a ridiculous lather
  • Indulge in said lather while you clean and condition your locks
  • Storage: Store the puck out in the open; let it dry out after each use. Do not store inside the metal container. Example: Set in on top of the tin, or on a soap dish that drains.

This product is Proudly made in the USA and supports the military in a few ways: 

1. A portion of the proceeds benefit US Military

2. Manufactured in a mid century US Military Manufacturing plant

3. All products are tested by the military to ensure longevity, endurability and performance under extreme climates and conditions. 


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